Thursday, December 3, 2009

sorry no pics just updates

again sorry so long. I just have such a hard time to remind myself to get one here :). Ryder is now 6 months old, and i just don't believe it. We had his 6 month check up and he was 19 pounds and 6 oz! yup I got a big boy on my hands. He has both bottom teeth and as of right now his two top have came threw and he alawys is WORKING on crawling YUP he gets on all fours and rocks back and forth its soo cute. But sad too Just makes me think that my baby isn't wanting to be a baby for long. I call it the love hate relationship :) He loves to sit up on his own and just play with his toys, He has only rolled over once and just doesn't care to do it anymore. Ha hes taking after his mommy. I feel so blessed with how happy he and how great he is. Everywhere i go i get told does he act like that all the time and im like YUP!
Jarred and I are both doing great getting ready for christmas which is my favorite time of the year! We did make a change in our house hold tho we decided to give bella away to lynn a freind from work which had to have been the hardest thing we did but its for the best. She was very jeolous of Ryder and doing great at lynns. She hasn't chewed one thing up over there, thats the BElla i know! As for work jarred is still enoying his job and as for me not so much. Not that I don't like what I do because I do but I need to work on days My babyboy doesn't want anyone else at night and im sick of knowing all he does is cry when im not there and yes i have heard for the last 6 months it will get better, but its not and i don't think me workign nights is the best thing for our family so since i can't get days at my current job now im looking and interviewing at different places. So keep my fingers crossed. Well sorry this was soo long but i keep getting everyone asking and emailing me for updates and soon pics of Ryder man will come too

Sunday, October 25, 2009

updated pics

u can kinda see his two teether

big smile with his cousin ash
what mommy

uncle herman, ryder and me
this is the best thing we have bought him, he goes crazy in it. its cute
fair 09
ryder and daddy ready for denver game (6-0) YAY

boo at the zoo!

Yup I went to the boo at the zoo. this was my first time every going there, it was fun but be better next year when ryder is older. it was busy but soo fun. i went with my mom and my freind chrystal and her baby jack! well i havnt got those pics up yet but don't worry there coming. im gonna be putting some other pics up tho!

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

wow does time fly!

first off I'm sorry I havn't kept up. I really need to do better! Im at work right now but hoping this week I can get pictures up.
Ryder is almost 5 months! its crazy and hes just getting such a personitly on him! he laughs and smiles at everythang and its just so cute! well the laughs he makes u work really hard for them but Hey its worth it! He just got both bottum teeth in! its crazy!
He is such a mommys boy which i don't mind at all but daddy wishes he would be little bit more of a daddys boy i told him in time it will get that way.
wow this may end up being a long post but I'll try and keep it short. so we went to montana a 12 hour drive he did great i had to sit in the back and play with him but he never really cried and of course we stoped and got him out and played and walked around so it was a nice trip. he got to meet his great grandpa on his daddys side ( all jarreds family is from montana) he uncles and cousins. while we were there he got to see a moose in his aunts pond, u won't be seeing that anywhere around here. all in all it was a great trip and again i have the best baby anyone could ask for he just has a layed back personality. Oh yah and i got his halloween costume! hes gonna be a monkey, ITS SOOO CUTE! don't worry i will be putting pics up once they get done. Hopfully i can get pics up soon of how big he is now. He wieghs 18 pounds and 8 ounces. until next time

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

I love him soo muCh!

Ryder is the best thing in my world! I can't explain how much i love him and how much he means tooo me!!!! I have this overwhleming love for him! hes my world and growing like a weed. i love watchin him grow its amazing!

pics of family with ryder

just want to get pics up of ryder! hes growin like a weed!